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University of Trento

Trento, Italy


Founded in 1962, the University of Trento (UNITN) is a prominent and rapidly expanding research institution with over 16,000 students across 11 departments and 4 research centres.

It has been ranked in top positions by national rankings, and it is well positioned in international ones. This result is due, in particular, to the University’s success in research and to its ability to look towards Europe and the world. The University of Trento ranks first in the Censis ranking 2023-2024 in the category of medium sized universities with a final score of 96,2/110. UNITN earned a good position in the World University Ranking 2023 by the Times Higher Education magazine, which ranks the best universities on the planet and examined 2,325 universities worldwide: the University ranked in the 401-500 group and is the sixteenth among 56 Italian universities. UNITN has vast experience in managing EU grants with 133 projects under H2020 (+ 5 Cascade funding), 58 funded projects under Horizon Europe Programme.

The Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science (DISI) is renowned for its young and diverse faculty, who have significantly contributed to the scientific community and positioned the University as a top performer in Europe. DISI has a strong focus on AI research, with top researchers and labs in computer vision, machine learning, natural language processing, speech recognition, intelligent optimization, knowledge representation and automated reasoning.The department is involved as a core partner in two out of four ICT-48-2020 projects for a European network of AI excellence centers, namely AI4Media and TAILOR, and coordinates the ELIAS HORIZON-EUROPE project for Expanding the European AI lighthouse.

Role in the project

UNITN is the coordinator of the project, and it is involved in many of the project activities. It leads the research on the algorithms for synergistic human-machine learning, and it is involved in the work on the algorithms for hybrid decision making as well. UNITN participates in the creation of the TANGO software ecosystem and leads on the case study on supporting surgical teams in making intraoperative decisions. UNITN is also actively involved in dissemination, communication, and clustering activities.