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Institute for Artificial Intelligence of Serbia

Novi Sad – Serbia


The Institute for Artificial Intelligence of Serbia (IVI) has been established by the Government of Serbia based on the initiative from the Strategy for the development of artificial intelligence in the Republic of Serbia: 2020-2025. With offices throughout Serbia, IVI envisions being a part of every major city and university hub, to successfully achieve its strategic goals. Although a young institute, we have already positioned ourselves as a competent partner in the AI field nationally, regionally, and internationally. We gain our competitiveness by partnering with academia and research centers, as well as industry organizations, and thus applying our expertise in various fields all over the world.

IVI explores multiple fields of research where AI can be applied. The areas in which we conduct research are a combination of Serbia’s strategic goals and the market-identified areas, with the help of experienced scientists, as a particularly fruitful addition. At a high level, our researchers and scientists are grouped into Computer Vision and Remote Sensing; Green AI; AI in Healthcare and Life Sciences; Human Computer Interaction; Smart Factory. Along the way, the IVI acts as an incubator for startups, encouraging entrepreneurial design thinking of researchers and scientists to patent their discoveries and create new companies to commercialize them.

We have brought together AI enthusiasts from around the world – scientists, researchers, and industry experts – dedicated to the research of AI and its application in various fields. Its expertise can be applied wherever it may be needed: in the automotive industry, medical diagnostics, financial technologies, increasing business efficiency, and even in the discovery of new drugs and materials. On the IVI R&D journey, a strong multidisciplinary approach is used, while collaborating with scientific institutions and industry through numerous projects.

Role in the project

The Institute for Artificial Intelligence Research and Development of Serbia (IVI) will participate in creating methods for social policy-making, and then implement them to devise the best policy for disbursing specific incentives within the Ministry for Family Welfare and Demographics of Serbia (MFWD). The specific incentives to be targeted will be determined in a collaborative manner, including all partners and citizens, and once the system is implemented, different stakeholders will interact with the developed framework within TANGO, through a web portal, connecting the AI agent, policymakers, and citizens. IVI will connect to the created TANGO API, developing and deploying the solution to be used by MFWD (and potentially other) policymakers. IVI will also provide training and support for policymakers.