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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

Warwick Business School

Coventry – UK


Warwick Business School, located in central England, is the largest department of the University of Warwick and ranked in the world’s top one per cent of business schools by the Financial Times, with its Global Online MBA ranked number one in the UK and second in the world by the newspaper. WBS is triple-accredited by the leading global business education associations and was the first in the UK to attain this accreditation. Offering the full portfolio of business education courses, from undergraduate through to MBAs, DBAs, PhDs and a suite of Executive Education programmes, WBS is the complete business school.  Students at WBS currently number around 6,500, and come from 125 countries. Just under half of faculty are non-UK, or have worked abroad.

Role in the project

Warwick Business School’s involvement in TANGO is being led by Nick Chater, Professor of Behavioural Science and author of the award-winning book The Mind is Flat. He is also a winner of The David E. Rumelhart Prize for his contribution to cognitive science. Professor Chater will be bringing his ground-breaking theory of virtual bargaining – which explains social interaction as a process of continually negotiating implicit agreements – to TANGO. The Warwick contribution is to build on this research programme, which understands co-ordinated behaviour, whether between people, or between people and AI, as depending on a process of implicit bargaining – i.e., imagining what we would agree to do, if we had the time to negotiate and discuss. But as with dancing, in real world interactions there is no time for actual discussion, to collaborate effectively human and AI systems must closely mesh their actions together in real time.