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today, IN THE ‘BEHIND THE SCENES’ SERIES, WE’RE SPEAKING WITH REPRESENTATIVE OF The Institute for Artificial Intelligence Research & Development of SErbia (IVI), Marko Pavlović (research ASSISTANT). marko wILL BE telling us about his ROLE AND THE ROLE OF ivi WITHIN THE TANGO PROJECT.

Thanks for speaking to us today. Could you start by introducing yourself and telling us where you are based?

My professional journey has been enriched through diverse experiences across the oil and gas industry, aviation, and academia. This cross-sector engagement has not only broadened my skill set but also deepened my interest in various fields. My doctoral research particularly focused on the frontier of advanced technologies, with a special emphasis on artificial intelligence (AI) and deep neural network applications.

Currently, I work as a research assistant at the research group “Computer Vision & Remote Sensing” at the Institute for Artificial Intelligence Research & Development of Serbia. Here, my work involves leveraging remote sensing technology for accurate estimation of various soil properties — a venture that holds promise for agriculture and environmental protection. Additionally, I contribute to projects aimed at enhancing human-computer interaction within decision-making processes. Moreover, I possess a strong passion for fostering and expanding startups that are pioneering innovations with AI applications.

How would you describe TANGO with three words only?

Synergistic, human-centric, transformative.

What is your main task in the TANGO project?

My main task includes working closely with an interdisciplinary team of AI experts, policymakers, and stakeholders from NGOs. I’m involved in adapting the TANGO framework to our specific context, ensuring it aligns with the needs and challenges faced by people in Serbia. This adaptation process is critical because while the TANGO framework provides a robust base for decision-making, the unique socio-economic landscape of Serbia demands tailored solutions. This collaboration is essential for integrating diverse perspectives and expertise into the development of a transparent, explainable, and human-centric system.

How do your professional interests match the objectives of TANGO?

My professional interests align closely with the goals of the TANGO project, particularly in enhancing decision-making in high-stakes environments through a human-centric application of AI. The challenge of integrating AI into areas like healthcare, justice, and public services, where decisions significantly impact lives, is a focal point of my work. I am deeply committed to exploring how AI can foster a cooperative and mutually beneficial partnership between humans and technology. This involves not only leveraging AI’s capabilities to process vast amounts of data and identify patterns beyond human reach, but also ensuring these systems are developed with a keen sensitivity to ethical considerations and human values.

The emphasis of the TANGO project on building trust through transparency and creating a symbiotic relationship between humans and AI systems is particularly resonant with my aspirations. I believe that for AI to realize its full potential, it must be approached in a way that respects human autonomy, enhances our decision-making capacities, and is aligned with societal values. This includes tackling the complex task of making AI systems understandable and relatable to the people who use them, ensuring that these technologies are seen as tools for amplifying human capabilities rather than replacing them.

What makes your organisation ideal for participating in the research/activities of TANGO?

With its expertise in artificial intelligence, the Institute for Artificial Intelligence Research & Development of Serbia can contribute to the development of the theoretical foundations and computational frameworks required for the next generation of human-centric AI systems. The project’s focus on leveraging AI to support critical social impact areas, such as healthcare during pregnancy and postpartum, intraoperative decision-making in surgeries, credit lending processes, and public policy design, aligns with the institute’s multidisciplinary approach and its commitment to applying AI for societal benefit. Furthermore, the institute’s strong emphasis on ethical AI and building trust between humans and machines resonates with TANGO’s goals to establish a symbiotic relationship where AI systems are seen as reliable, understanding, and supportive partners. By participating in TANGO, the Institute for Artificial Intelligence Research & Development of Serbia can not only contribute its specialized knowledge and innovative technologies but also further its mission to foster the adoption of AI solutions that are beneficial, ethical, and centered around human well-being.

Could you describe the overall expected impact of the TANGO project in three words?

Empowering, innovative, inclusive.

Thank you for taking the time to speak to us, Marko. We look forward to more updates from the team at IVI. 

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